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Welcome to FABio, home of the Fundamental and Applied Biogeography Research Group

We study the effects of human activity on where wildlife is found. Humans are reshuffling wildlife around the world. By transporting species around the planet we are causing some to become invasive, and destroy habitats. Other species are spreading because climate change is creating new habitat for them. Some of these species are dangerous pests that attack crops, or carry disease. Other species need to move otherwise they won’t survive, as changing climate and land use threaten their habitat.

We ask the fundamental biogeographical questions of why wild species live where they do, and why species are moving. We also do applied biogeographical research to improve conservation and pest management under climate change. We believe that the most useful science bridges gaps between different research fields and are always seeking collaborations to do this. We love to do outreach, and work with schools, the public, and the media regularly.

We are based at the beautiful Penryn Campus of Exeter University, in Cornwall, but our research and collaborators are worldwide.

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Climate Change

Crop Pests


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