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shari mang

Shari Mang

PhD Student

PhD - Assessment of the relationship between landscape-scale habitat diversity and mammal diversity to identify areas of conservation priority and predict the consequences of land-use change on biodiversity.

My PhD focuses on the Rungan, an unstudied mosaic forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia (Borneo). Until recently, this area was thought to have little ecological or conservation value; however, the Borneo Nature Foundation found that it contains the largest remaining unprotected orangutan population, as well as numerous other species of conservation concern. My work aims to assess the Rungan’s mammal biodiversity and understand the relationship between landscape heterogeneity and mammal diversity. As well, I will be identifying and mapping the forest’s sub-habitats, modelling the effects of land use change, and classifying areas of ecological and conservation importance. This work is done in conjunction with the Borneo Nature Foundation with the hopes of establishing a protected area to prevent the Rungan’s conversion to commercial plantation concessions.

Prior to starting my PhD, I did my BSc in Environmental Sciences with a Minor in Biology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) (Canada). Following this, I worked as a project coordinator in UBC’s Faculty of Forestry and as a research assistant on projects in Panama and Malaysia. I finished my MSc in Applied Ecology at the University of Exeter in August 2017.

Twitter: @sharimang

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