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Christophe Patterson

Master by Research Student

MbyRes - Where did the UK population of C. erythropus come from?

As the global climate changes, many species have seen their ranges expand towards the poles. This is a worry for agriculture, as novel pests move into areas they have not previously effected while conservationists hope that species at risk of losing habitat due to climate change will be able to move into novel areas, avoiding range reduction and potential extinction. My research, therefore, aims to help understand the process of colonisation and range expansion in a changing world.

Over the next two years, I will be working on a Master by Research with my fieldwork in Brittany funded by the Genetics Society. Specifically, my research focuses on a species of hermit crab, C. erythropus, that has recently colonised the UK. I’m aiming to understand the genetic structure of the European population and where the UK’s individuals fit into it.

Prior to my MbyRes, I studied a BSc in Evolutionary Biology here at the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus.

Twitter: @Christophe_Patt

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