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Iona Selman

Undergraduate Intern

I am an undergraduate studying BSc Zoology with Professional Placement at the University of Exeter. Throughout 2020/21 I will be undertaking an internship with FABio to complete the professional placement aspect of my degree.

I am currently investigating biotic interactions and how their strength varies under different environmental conditions. My particular focus is symbiosis between plants and their fungal or bacterial endophytes and how changes in abiotic conditions can influence both the intensity of the interaction and the fitness outcomes for both interactors. My hopes are that my work will contribute to a greater understanding of how biotic interactions might respond to our changing climate, especially as species undergo range shifts, creating new communities in which novel interactions may facilitate or limit range expansion.

Ahead of starting my internship I have worked with paleozoologists based here at Exeter and conducted research on the effects of biodiversity on adolescent wellbeing in collaboration with academics from the University of Cambridge. I have also spent time volunteering as a committee member of EcoSoc, a student society on Penryn Campus.

Twitter: @IonaSelman

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