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The FABio research group has hosted some incredible students and academics over the years, helping some to kickstart a career and supporting others with their research. Find out more about our fantastic alumni below or take a look at our current team here.

alba estrada.jpg

Former Post-Doc Researcher

My main research fields are biogeography and macroecology and I am highly motivated for working in conservation and concerned about the applicability of the science I am involved in.


Dr Alicia Montesinos-Navarro

Former Post-Doc Researcher

I am interested in understanding the assembly rules structuring natural communities and their implications in ecosystem functioning.

Beth Robinson.jpg

Dr Beth Robinson

 Former Post-Doc Researcher

I work for a Wildlife Conservation charity called WildTeam. In a nutshell, we give conservationists the skills to design and deliver amazing conservation projects that help to save more wildlife.

Jen bream.JPG

Dr Jen Lewis

Former PhD Student

I am using a range of techniques to explore the ecology and distribution of the UK population of gilthead bream (Sparus aurata) at the current northern limit of its range.

Henry Hakkinen.jpg

Dr Henry Hakkinen

PhD Student

I work primarily with species distribution models, trying to understand species biogeography on a changing planet.

christophe patterson.jpg

Christophe Patterson

Research Associate

My research focuses on a species of hermit crab, C. erythropus. I’m aiming to understand the genetic structure of the European population and where the UK’s individuals fit.

Tom Carlin.jpg

MbyRes Student

My Masters by Research project looked into the Range Expansions of a Natural Coloniser, the Small Red-Eyed Damselfly (Erythromma viridulum), in the UK.

Neha Awasthi

Neha Awasthi

Visiting PhD Student

My PhD aims to study mechanisms of coexistence between sympatric ungulates and shed further insight on how different ungulate species partition resources.

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