Dr Alba Estrada

Former Post-doc Researcher

I completed my PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Malaga (Spain) in 2008. I then obtained a postdoctoral fellowship at the Research Institute of Game Management (IREC) of the Spanish National Research Agency in Ciudad Real and then worked in the same institution as a postdoctoral research assistant in three different research projects. In May 2013 I joined the Rui Nabeiro Biodiversity Chair at the University of Évora (Portugal) where I am working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Biodiversa project EC21C (European Conservation for the 21st Century).

My main research fields are biogeography and macroecology and additionally I am highly motivated for working in conservation and concerned about the applicability of the science I am involved in. My research interests include the detection of changes in biodiversity patterns according to forecasted climate and land uses at large scales. I am very interested in methodological exercises that allow the detection of the most transferable modelling techniques in space and time. I have also experience in detecting the degree of overlap between natural protected areas and important conservation areas for biodiversity and in the inclusion of fuzzy logic in conservation biogeography.