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I lead the undergraduate field course to the Yukon Territory and Alaska. I also teach the level 2 module Trends in Ecology and Evolution, and co-teach the level 3 module ‘Science and Society’.

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Dr Hannah Wauchope

Research Fellow

I’m studying the effects of warming on species in the past to improve understanding of range shifts and help to draw generalisations about how other species will move in the future.


Dr Julian Donald

Research Fellow

I am joining FABio as a Research Fellow, where I will be using Species Distribution Modelling techniques to determine association patterns within soil microbial communities


Dr Rachel Kehoe

Research Assistant

I am a community ecologist, developing experimental and modelling systems to understand how species interactions shape community functions.


Margaret Bolton

PhD Student

I am interested in our limited understanding of how the strength of interactions systematically vary across environments, and to what extent they can alter species ranges.

shari mang

Shari Mang

PhD Student

My PhD focuses on the Rungan, an unstudied mosaic forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia (Borneo) that contains the largest remaining unprotected orangutan population.


Jamie Cranston

PhD Student

My PhD aims to evaluate the threat posed by natural colonists, using data from the national biodiversity network and a range of modelling approaches.

Laura Coles 1.jpg

PhD Student

My PhD will focus on invasive species, investigating the drivers behind variation in impacts of the European green crab  between native populations in the UK and invasive populations in Australia.

Current Team

Our team of dedicated post-graduates and post-docs lead by senior lecturer Dr Regan Early are working with global partners to further develop our understanding of species distributions, how these are changing and what impacts this has for us and the natural world. Browse our team's research themes below and visit their pages to find out more about their work.

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Iona Selman

Undergraduate Intern

I am currently investigating how biotic interactions between plants and their fungal or bacterial endosymbionts vary under different environmental conditions.

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