Tired of copying your R outputs, into a word document to distribute your results? No longer sure which code generated that figure you think might have an error in?


Then look no further. Check out this short guide and example code for using a handy package called Rmarkdown. We used this as our teaching material in a labgroup session with all undergraduates doing project with us this year, some basic r knowledge required. All material unles otherwise stated  by Jamie Cranston (also contains links to other guides for comparison).


Download the file at the link above and open FabioRMarkdownGuide.doc inside to get started. 

JJ Allaire, Yihui Xie, Jonathan McPherson, Javier Luraschi, Kevin Ushey, Aron Atkins, Hadley Wickham, Joe Cheng and  Winston Chang (2017). rmarkdown: Dynamic Documents for R. R package version 1.8.

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